Multi-Purpose Polish

Product Features

  • Cleans, Shines & Smoothens
  • Removes Stains & Dirt
  • Shines car dashboard, tyres, leather seats, etc
  • Can be applied on variety of items & surfaces

Available in: 5 L

Product Description

KLOREX® MAGIC is a multi-purpose polish that can be applied on car dash board, tyres, leather seats of vehicles, any other surface for cleaning and shining purpose. KLOREX MAGIC leaves the surface very glossy and shiny.

Dosage & Application

  • Apply directly a little quantity of KLOREX MAGIC on the surface using a sponge.
  • Rub the surface in a circular motion to remove dirt and stains
  • Leave the polished surface for 5-10 minutes and finally, rub it with a cotton cloth to enhance the shine.

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