KLOREX® (4-6% Sodium Hypochlorite) Disinfectant

Product Features

  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • Strong bleaching agent
  • Removes unacceptable odour
  • Concentrated product – effectively works at various dilutions, depending on the intensity of Disinfection and Cleaning required

Available in: 5 kg, 20 kg, 35 kg, 250kg packing

Product Description

KLOREX® (4-6% Sodium Hypochlorite) is one of the best disinfectants used for disinfecting any surface or object or floor or water. It has been recommended by WHO, Ministry of Health & Affairs (India) and is also being used world over for disinfection purpose. It destroys harmful pathogens like Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, etc in minutes and leaves the surface clean. When Sodium Hypochlorite comes in contact with viruses, bacteria or fungi, it oxidizes molecule in the cells of the germs and kills them. Most of the times, it also breaks down the cell wall of microbes and kills them eventually.

Usage Information

KLOREX® (4-6% Sodium Hypochlorite) is suitable for all outdoor areas (mopping, surface cleaning, spraying, etc) of Public places, Factories, Residential apartments, Societies, Office buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, Offices, etc.

It can also be used for indoor mopping and disinfection but it must be handled very carefully (Furniture, fabric, etc can get damaged if they come in direct contact with concentrated Sodium Hypochlorite.).

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