Special Liquid Detergent (For Winter wear & Delicate Clothes)

Product Features

  • Gentle on clothes
  • Softens and Brightens the clothes
  • Removes bad odour
  • Removes tough stains
  • Provides a complete sense of cleaning satisfaction
  • Soothing fragrance

Available in: 500 ml, 1 L and 5 L

Product Description

KLOREX® SOFT is a very special liquid detergent that can gently clean and soften winter wear and delicate clothes. It keeps the colour of the fabric bright, prevents shrinking, softens clothes and leaves a pleasant fragrance.

Usage Information

KLOREX® SOFT is suitable for all types of winter wear and delicate clothes whether they are washed manually or in a washing machine.

Dosage & Application

  • Use 1 to 1.5 capful KLOREX SOFT (15-22.5 ml) KLOREX SOFT for 7-8 winter clothes during machine wash (medium wash load).
  • Use 1 to 1.5 capful (15-22.5 ml) KLOREX SOFT for 7-8 winter clothes during bucket / hand wash (manually). Soak the clothes for 10 minutes in a bucket of water + KLOREX SOFT. Wash & rinse gently.

Note: Dry your washed clothes under shade

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