Deodorant Floor Cleaner

Product Features

  • Removes unacceptable odour
  • Renders sparkling surface
  • Imparts soothing fragrance
  • Removes tough stains
  • Insect repelling properties
  • Applicable on all types of surfaces
  • Skin-friendly and safe on shiny surfaces
  • Gentle on human hands
  • Concentrated product - effectively works at various dilutions, depending on the intensity of Cleaning required

Available in: Pure Pine & Floral Fragrance (available in 1L and 5 L packing)

Product Description

KLOREX® WHITE is a floor deodorant cleaner developed for the floor cleaning purpose. It not only cleans the floor efficiently but also leaves a very soothing fragrance. It also has insect repelling properties.

Usage Information

KLOREX® WHITE is suitable for all indoor and outdoor areas of Public places, Residential apartments, Societies, Office buildings, Hotels and Hospitals, Offices - practically everywhere.

Dosage & Application

KLOREX® WHITE can be used at various dilution rates;

  • Use 1.5 to 2 capful KLOREX WHITE (22.5-30 ml) in half bucket of water (4 L) (in Wet Mopping on floor)
  • Gently mop the surface and no need to rinse.

Note: Safe on all surfaces such as Marble, Granite, Ceramic, etc.

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