KLOREX® Zzzoom

Car Wash

Product Features

  • Washes gently
  • pH balanced
  • Brightens surface
  • Protects surface
  • Soothing fragrance

Available in: 5 L

Product Description

KLOREX® ZZZOOM is a very powerful pH balanced car washing shampoo that only a very little quantity can remove dirt & grim from any car/bike surface rendering your vehicle glossy and shiny.

Usage Information

KLOREX® ZZZOOM is suitable on types of vehicle surfaces.

Dosage & Application

  • Take 2-4 capful of KLOREX ZZZOOM (depending on your foam requirement) in a bucket and fill half the bucket with water. Dip the sponge/cloth in bucket and squeeze the scrub/sponge to generate more foam. (the mixture can also be sprayed on car through spray gun and cleaned & rinsed thereafter (car spa))
  • Take the foam in sponge/cloth and apply it on your car surface. Rinse thoroughly with water.

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